I came to Leia to work on managing my work-life balance, boost my immunity and get more sleep! Each fortnight we would have a check in of where I was at, discuss ideas of solutions and some things to try and set homework. The homework wold generally be 3 things to work on before we next met. This was really useful and kept me accountable. Eating greens everyday is now my way of life. Actually it is what I do each and every meal. Previously it was maybe 3-4 times a week. Breakfast green smoothie, lunch salad with lots of greens and dinner always includes broccoli, spinach or kale. All my goals came together in unison. I found Leia approachable. I could share personal information and I know that it was treated in confidence. She was motivating and kept me going and trying different approaches. I recommend Leia for anyone who wants to improve areas of well being in their life. Having these regular catch ups the past 6 months and setting 'homework' has provided me with a great foundation to continue and build on and make positive life habits. For example eating greens in no longer a challenge it is now a way of life and my body notices it if I miss a day and don't eat them.

Rachelle, 2018


Leia worked with me over 6 months. During this time Leia taught me to be more aware of what I was eating and the effect different food had on me. My primary goal was to lose weight, which I achieved. Previously when I went on diets I always put the weight straight back on. What Leia taught me was not to diet but to eat healthy and learn how food impacts my well being.I am now eating a lot more vegetables and healthy foodsOther positives is that my GP is happy I did this by not dieting but eating the right food. By blood sugars and cholesterol have also improved. Leia focuses on the whole person to ensure you have long term benefits, including exercise and work-life balance. I have received a lot of compliments on how I now look. I have a lot more energy than I had before thanks to working with Leia. Leia’s approach is supportive and positive. When I did eat food that was not good for me, Leia never frowned, she offered alternatives for the future. I highly recommend Leia to anyone who wants to increase their energy levels and feel better about themselves.

Denise, 2017


Thank you for helping me to focus on my own health goals over the past six months. It's been great to have someone to "keep me on track" and to help me explore cause and effect with regards different food groups and types of exercise. You have some excellent nutrition ideas which have now become part of my family's normal diet. The Friday lunchtime Tai Chi sessions have been invaluable when trying to stay calm and focused at the end of a busy week.Thanks so much for adding to my healthy living repertoire.Kind Regards

Donna, 2017


I was reintroduced to different foods and I took time to notice how foods made me feel. I developed improved body awareness about what you put in your body and how it makes you feel. Originally I came to lose weight and it took some getting used to the fact the the weight wasn’t coming off and accepting that at my age this wasn’t going to happen the way I thought it would. I learned to feel good about my body with the shape it has become with age. I started moving to organic produce, using supplements and reaping the benefits. My arthritic pains eased up, my sleep improved. I am feeling more comfortable with myself in my own skin, I react and I am not getting triggered and upset as I would before. I no longer have sugar cravings, I am exercising more with a regular 20 minutes stretch before bed and I am in general more relaxed about everything. I have lost inches and It seems the weight shifted to muscle because my clothes are looser and I am feeling great!

Christine, 2017


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Learn Taiji (Tai Chi) in a interactive and live environment. Participate in a virtual classroom with a professional teacher in real time.

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Astrology can be a rich tool that we can use for self-development and empowerment. This blueprint of the sky when you were born reflects your soul and its destiny.


Fitness Move offers a workplace wellness programme called WORKFIT. We promote movement in your workplace to lower your risk of LOM (lack of movement) syndrome and Office Syndrome.


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