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honor your body as your templeAs an integrative nutrional health coach we look together at all aspects of your life. If you are in a toxic relationship and I keep telling you to eat kale it probably won't make you feel better. When you get home from work and you don't have energy then you won't exercise. First we have to look at how you sleep, what you are eating before bed, if you are drinking water before we can begin to imagine you will exercise. Everything is interrelated and all will affect your level of happiness.

I start from where you are at, and everyone is in a different place. Some people are really good about eating a lot of vegetables and others aren't. Some people exercise a lot but don't realise that some of the food they think is healthy is actually hurting them by either lowering their energy, putting them in a grumpy mood, or just by the boating feeling it gives them. I help you understand how food makes you feel, then you can know by yourself which foods don't suit you and then you can choose to cut them out or leave them only for special occasions.

Diets don't work, lets find what works for you. Each individual is different and this we call bio-individuality. Some people can eat cheese others cannot. Some do fine with wheat others might end up with severe mood swings and bloating.

Once we have sorted out what foods do and don't work for you then we can look at how you are moving your body. It is so important to find an exercise regime that you enjoy. One you look forward to practicing. I go to the park any sunny moment I can get away and I train Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qigong. I don't look at it as exercise but I know I can't miss too many days or else I will feel bad. I have learned to dance salsa so that I enjoy it so deeply it is only fun for me. I do it for the love of the sport. I propose that everyone  has movement in their life that lifts them up and brings them joy.

You create the vision, you create the goals, we start where you are as a unique human. We look at what you value in in your well-being and we will set actionable time frames to keep you accountable and we will celebrate the transformation as a little bit everyday becomes a lot in the end.


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Learn Taiji (Tai Chi) in a interactive and live environment. Participate in a virtual classroom with a professional teacher in real time.

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Astrology can be a rich tool that we can use for self-development and empowerment. This blueprint of the sky when you were born reflects your soul and its destiny.

Fitness Move offers a workplace wellness programme called WORKFIT. We promote movement in your workplace to lower your risk of LOM (lack of movement) syndrome and Office Syndrome.


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